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WC and bathroom accessories have been traditionally seen in plastic

Plastic and metal have been the main materials used in public restroom accessories, hand towel and toilet paper dispensers. The use of plastic was a natural choice when the plastic and oil industries dominated the world with their products in the 1970s and 80s. However, the design of these products has remained stagnant over the years – they are almost identical to those from fifty years ago, and the material used is still environmentally unfriendly plastic.

Wuoma was founded based on feedback from interior architects. Several inquiries raised the question: why are restroom accessories ugly and plastic? An interior designer creates a stunning bathroom space, but the accessories placed there simply do not match the intended atmosphere. Wuoma aims to introduce beautiful and environmentally friendly alternatives to the traditional plastic and metal products. We now want to introduce designers to our new products.

Oak hand towel dispenser
Black oak hand towel dispenser

Wood veneer products are ecological, and wood as a material is sustainable and naturally hygienic.

The use of wood in construction has grown because wood is a renewable natural product that helps mitigate climate change. Many architects now design and use wood-based solutions in WC and bathroom spaces.

Wood is an extremely durable material. We have practically found that wood veneer structures withstand impacts and pressure better than plastic or similar metal structures. In Wuoma products, wood veneer is cross-laminated, making the structure exceptionally durable without significantly increasing the product’s weight or material consumption.

Wood veneer naturally repels dirt and is thus hygienic. For each product, we apply a special lacquer that makes the product moisture repellent, ensuring that it remains maintenance-free and retains its new appearance even under demanding usage, such as in public restrooms.

Wuoma products are manufactured following sustainable principles.

We calculate the carbon footprint of each product in collaboration with the Finnish organization Reforest Finland. We aim to compete with other companies producing WC and bathroom accessories to see who can create products that are more environmentally friendly.

We strive to use domestic wood species in our wood materials whenever possible. Additionally, for every Wuoma product sold, we are committed to planting one tree as part of our environmental commitment.