Soap dispensers

Saana – automatic soap dispenser, wall-mounted


This stylish and practical product is designed to facilitate soap usage in public restrooms, bathrooms, or kitchens. The automatic soap dispenser’s body is made from durable and beautiful wood material, making it not only practical but also an elegant addition to your space’s decor. The dispenser is easy to refill, and it ensures you always get the right amount of soap without any mess or waste.

Saana soap dispenser won the international Red Dot Design Award in the Bathroom and Sanitary Equipment category in 2021.

The wall-mounted Saana dispenser is designed to withstand heavy use in public restrooms and bathrooms. Cross-laminated, bent, and specially coated genuine wood veneers ensure the product’s long lifespan. In addition to its durability and beautiful appearance, the product is an environmentally friendly option. We manufacture all our products in Finland and primarily use natural materials in them. Our manufacturing process is specifically designed to minimize material waste.

Material options: oak, birch, walnut, and ash
Color options: oak, black oak, birch, walnut, and project-specific custom colors

Height: 290mm
Width: 115mm
Depth: 104mm
Dispenser volume: 1000 ml

Designer: Visa Meisalmi
Country of origin: Designed and manufactured in Finland.


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The installation is carried out on a ready, flat surface. Only a professional in the field performs the installation.

For more information on the installation of the Saana soap dispenser, download the product card.

Regular cleaning using water and mild cleaning agents is recommended. Chlorine and abrasive cleaning agents or tools are not suitable for cleaning.

The large wooden parts of the soap dispenser can be re-sanded when necessary and can also be incinerated as energy waste. The internal equipment is recycled through electronic recycling points.


Does the product use batteries or mains power?

The product operates using 4 AA batteries.

Is the product resistant to moisture?

The product is designed for public spaces and is finished with lacquer specifically designed for demanding use, making it resistant to moisture. However, it is not recommended to clean the product with running water or expose it to running water as intended.

Does the product come with a warranty?

All our products come with an international 12-month warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty covers manufacturing defects