Hand sanitizer dispensers

Noble – touchless hand sanitizer dispenser

895,00  + alv 24%

Noble hand sanitizer dispenser combines clean lines and natural materials. Noble provides effortless hand hygiene when there is a higher demand for its use. The dispenser’s frame conceals storage space for two refill bottles. The elegant stand can be easily placed in any space, thanks to the dispenser’s automatic battery-operated sensor.

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The product is delivered ready for use (excluding batteries and disinfectant). It is compatible with all common hand sanitizer brands.


Regular cleaning using water and mild cleaning agents. Chlorine and abrasive cleaners or cleaning tools are not suitable for cleaning. When the dispenser is left unused, for example during holidays, it should be emptied to prevent the disinfectant from solidifying in the mechanism. For more information on maintenance of the Noble hand sanitizer dispenser, please refer to the downloadable product sheet.


The Noble hand sanitizer dispenser is easily recyclable. For more information on recycling the Noble hand sanitizer dispenser, please refer to the downloadable product sheet

Does the product use batteries or mains power?

The product operates with 4 AA batteries.

What type of disinfectant do you recommend for use with the product?

The Noble hand sanitizer dispenser works with both liquid and gel disinfectants. However, for the best user experience, we recommend using a disinfectant with viscosity X (X=midway between liquid and gel).

Can the product be used outdoors?

The product is designed for indoor public spaces, so we do not recommend using it outdoors.

Does the product come with a warranty?

All our products come with an international 12-month warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty covers manufacturing defects."